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Ultra Align by: Sigma Instruments Inc.

Ultra Align Spinal Therapy

Sigma Instruments Ultra Align G2 has arrived at Active Family Wellness Center.

This computer-assisted technique provides on-screen analysis, automated computer-assisted adjustments, and a computerized reassessment that compares pre-adjustment situational analysis with post adjustment trend lines to show the improvements in an on-screen readout (graphs).

The Ultra Align G2 provides an alternative tool to practitioners, which is complimentary to traditional chiropractic techniques.

Some clients find the Ultra Align G2 very beneficial, especially in cases where there is sensitivity to more traditional chiropractic techniques.

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The Ultralign G2 from Sigma Instruments is marketed as the most sophistcated analysis and treatment system available. Backed by hundreds of independent third-party research studies, this instrument is said to be the only computerized instrument on the market that measures specific motion of your specific patient.

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