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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Subluxation?

    In simplest terms, a subluxation (a.k.a. Vertebral Subluxation) is when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves. Spinal nerves are the nerves that come out from between each of the bones in your spine. This pressure or irritation on the nerves then causes those nerves to malfunction and interfere with the signals traveling over those nerves.

    How does this affect you? Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If you interfere with the signals traveling over nerves, parts of your body will not get the proper nerve messages and will not be able to function at 100% of their innate abilities. In other words, some part of your body will not be working properly.

    It is the responsibility of the Doctor of Chiropractic to locate subluxations, and reduce or correct them. This is done through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be the experts at correcting subluxations.

    Chiropractors have known about the dangers of subluxations for over one hundred years. Today, more scientific evidence is showing the dangers of subluxations and the health benefits of correcting them. To be truly healthy, it is vital that your nervous system be functioning free of interference from subluxations. Our goal is to allow your body to return itself to the highest level of health possible by correcting subluxation.

    Chiropractors are the ONLY health professionals trained in the detection, location, and correction of the spine.

    Source: p. 4, including footnote defining the medical subluxation.

  2. Does a chiropractic treatment hurt?

    Most people who have been to a chiropractor are used to being twisted, cracked and turned. This can be both uncomfortable and a little invasive and we do NOT use these methods unless specifically requested. Dr. Cohen uses a method called Activator. which has been consistently rated the most gentle form of chiropractic and is safe for all ages from infants to elderly. He has even been known to treat his family's 18 year old poodle Tiffany!

  3. What is Activator Method?

    The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a chiropractic treatment method and device created by Arlan Fuhr as an alternative to manual manipulation of the spine or extremity joints. The device is categorized as a mechanical force manual assisted (MFMA) instrument which is generally regarded as a softer chiropractic treatment technique.

    The activator is a small handheld spring-loaded instrument which delivers a small impulse to the spine. It was found to give off no more than 0.3 J of kinetic energy in a 3-millisecond pulse. The aim is to produce enough force to move the vertebrae but not enough to cause injury. In 2003, the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners found that 69.9% of chiropractors used the technique, and 23.9% of patients received it. The majority of U.S. chiropractic schools and some schools in other countries teach the AMCT method, and an estimated 45,000 chiropractors worldwide use AMCT or some part of the technique.



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  4. My back doesn't hurt, do I still need a Chirpractor?

    You probably do. The reason is that chiropractic is not just for people that have bad backs. We can help even the simplest of symptoms by strengthening the Adrenal Glands (or better known as Stress Glands) with regular adjustments and natural supplements. Weak Adrenal Glands can cause the following symptoms:

    • Poor Endurance

    • Weakness/ Fatigue/ Low Energy

    • "Wiped Out" during or after stress or exercise

    • Tend to be allergic / Sensitive to odors

    • Need to eat regularly (Hypoglycemia)

    • Aches, pains and stiffness

    • Tendency to get - Bursitis, Tendonitis, or Arthritis

    • Recurrent infection / Sore throat

    • Lightheadedness / Low Blood Pressure

  5. Can my child benefit from chiropractic care?

    Yes! Children have problems just like adults do. With the amount of books children carry nowadays, making their backpacks weigh more than they do, the risk of scoliosis has risen dramatically. Dr. Cohen has helped countless children who have been in car accidents, chronic ear infections, digestive problems, asthma and so much more.

    The average child by the age of 5 has suffered over a thousand traumas. If these everyday traumas such as falling off a bike, sliding into first base and learning to walk go untreated, they can lead to diminished function of vital organs and mobility. This is not only something that Dr. Cohen lives and believes, he has been adjusting his own since he was 2 days old.

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Chiropractic Myths

  1. Chiropractors aren't REAL doctors; they're just quacks.

    To graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, one is required to complete 4 years of college education and 4 years of post gradulate studies, including over 4,500 classroom hours of health-specific sciences (more than the average medical school curriculum).

    Doctors of Chiropractic are the most educated general physicians in the areas of anatomy, physiology nutrition, and neurology. Upon graduation they, like other doctors, must pass rigorous National Board Examinations and demanding state testing before being granted the privilege to practice. In addition, our doctors attend postgraduate seminars to stay current on the latest scientific research and to learn new methods of treatment.

  2. It Hurts!

    Like lifting a heavy rock off your toe, most patients report their chiropractic adjustments actually feel good! Although our Dr. Cohen utilize the most gentle, modern techniques available, any time there is inflammation there may also be slight tenderness.

    Be reassured that we do everything possible to minimize any patient discomfort.

  3. My insurance doesn't cover chiropractic, or It costs too much!

    Over 200 insurance companies that cover chiropractic care are currently in our computer. Please call the office at 561-641-1111 to discuss specific details such as type of coverage, deductibles, and limitations.

    For those with no insurance, flexible payments (as well as major credit cards & personal checks) make our reasonable fees even more affordable.

  4. Once you start you have to go for the rest of your life!

    The GOOD NEWS is that in our office, you will come in for the FEWEST visits necessary to correct the problem. We use sophisticated techniques so your body tells us how much care you need and how often. Some confuse maintenance care with the care that is required in correcting a problem. The treatment seems similar, however, maintenance care is optional and usually not covered by insurance.

    Our patients are always given the options and consequences to make their own decision on what care they desire. Once patients experience the value of chiropractic, many choose to continue.

  5. You have to take your clothes off for the doctor!

    Any examination we perform is done with the patient fully clothed. AT NO TIME will you have to disrobe for the doctor, unless a specific method is being used (i.e Laser Therapy, Ultra Sound, etc.). If x-rays are necessary, we provide comfortable cotton gowns to wear.

  6. I'm too old (or young) for Chiropractic to help.

    Significant spinal trauma can occur at ANY age, and especially during the birth process. Naturally, chiropractic adjusting procedures are modified for the specific person's condition and age. Chiropractic has been shown to be helpful with most 'normal' childhood health problems including scoliosis, and is effective in reducing many causes of arthritis!

  7. The doctor might break my neck or hurt something!

    Chiropractic care has an excellent safety record, safer than back surgery, muscle relaxers, and even aspirin. In addition, only the most advanced techniques are used in our clinic to ensure the fastest healing in the safest manner. Incidentally, you won't get to hear any 'cracking' or 'popping' noises with our treatments.

  8. Chiropractors are for bad backs?!

    Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your body is self-healing. All body functions are controlled by the brain, spinal cord and the nerves of your body. If the cause of your condition is due to an irritation or pressure on a nerve, chiropractors are the ONLY doctors trained to remove this pressure. Since the problem commonly occurs in the spine, chiropractic physicians have often been mistaken as 'back doctors'.

  9. My friend had this bad experience with a chiropractor.

    There is no denying that every profession has bad apples. For this reason we offer consultations for you to interview the doctor and evaluate your condition AT THE DOCTOR'S EXPENSE. If the doctor does find he or she may be able to help, we promise you will be absolutely delighted with our outstanding level of service to you? NO EXCEPTIONS.

  10. It takes weeks to get appointment then, like any doctor's office, you wait for hours to see the doctor.

    We recognize that emergencies are never planned, so we reserve time for new patients, exsisting patients, and emergency care every day. In addition, we provide 24 hour emergency phone numbers so you can contact our doctors any time, day or night. With our "No Wait" policy, if you have a scheduled appointment, you may never find out what great health magazines & games our reception room has to offer.

    If you are considering chiropractic care, we know you'll have lot of questions. For your convenience, we have taken the time to answer the most commonly asked questions on this page. We hope this has been most helpful for you!

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