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Posted by Eric J. Cohen D.C., P.A. on November 27, 2012 at 11:15 AM

As a Chiropractic Physician, I have certainly had my share of patients suffering from the effects of Breast Cancer and other forms of cancer. At the end of 2000 I lost my wife, Donna, to breast cancer after four years of neglect, uncaring treatment, inept surgeons and a medical monopoly that charged us $3500 A WEEK for chemo. On at least one occasion my wife was given the wrong chemo. That wiped out most of her immune system. The family spent Y2K celebrations with her in her isolation room at the hospital. She was dead less than a year later.


At that point I declared war on breast cancer and as a result helped save or change numerous lives. I found that most of those studies re breast cancer were fairly useless. Most of them were designed, IMHO, to do two things, learn how to “control cancer” and not necessarily cure it, and secondly, make the pharmaceutical companies wealthier.


Being a homeopathic practitioner as well as a Chiropractor, it came to me that if we were to take tumor tissue from the patient, potentize it homeopathicly to the point that not one molecule of original tumor tissue remained in that mixture, and give it back to the patient, the body’s own immune system might then recognize its cancer and go after it. As it turns out, typically a person’s immune system doesn’t usually go after its own body’s cancer because the body made the cancer in the first place. However, a homeopathic version of that same cancer from that patient’s body will often trigger an immune response. I also found that this type of therapy was employed over a hundred years ago, but fell out of favor within the homeopathic profession due to politics. Other like minded homeopathic providers around the world have since taken up this method of treatment. It’s now called “auto nosode” or “Isotherapy”. (According to the news a while back, Penn State has started looking into a non homeopathic form of this therapy as well). Unfortunately, the FDA (god Bless them) has effectively barred every commercial homeopathic pharmacy/lab from making these homeopathic remedies, and apparently forced Canadian labs to follow suite. We have had to turn to homeopathic labs abroad and I don’t know how long that will last. The FDA has long tentacles just like the cancer it seems to protect. Currently it is very difficult to get human tissue out of the country, to these overseas homeopathic labs. Life becomes interesting when you piss off the right people.


One very important note: This technique is NOT an attempt to cure or treat cancer. It is simply a method of bringing balance to a person’s body, so that his/her own body may make corrections on its own, thus utilizing its own innate recuperative powers, possibly correcting its own disease process. That’s what good Chiropractors do. We don’t try to cure anything, we let the body do that.

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