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How chiropractic changed my life.

Posted by Eric J. Cohen D.C., P.A. on August 29, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Welcome to my Blog. This is the first of many blog entries I’ll be writing in regards to Chiropractic as practiced here in this office. To begin, let’s go all the way back to the basics of Chiropractic and the philosophy which guides it.

We are all self correcting mechanisms. By that, I mean our bodies can fix themselves. We seem to come into this world with a set of hardwired instructions for the purpose of survival. It’s all automatic. We’re not even aware that anything is happening. But, of course, it is. The old Chiropractors called it “Innate” (built in) Intelligence.

We could use computers as an analogy. The operating systems have a myriad of processes going on to regulate, correct and protect the computer. An indication something is really wrong could possibly manifest as an error message. Or it could just slow down, or, heaven forbid………crash.

Our bodies are similar. Pain is our error message. We even slow down sometimes too (‘ever have a hangover?). Below our levels of awareness many processes are going on. And like the computer, our bodies are being regulated, corrected and healed.

All that Chiropractic does is remove those obstacles which prohibit “Innate intelligence” from doing its job. It’s as simple as that. Those obstacles can be physical, like the so called “pinched nerves” so many Chiropractors mention. However, these obstacles can also be chemical or even emotional. Very often it’s a combination of the above. By the way, these obstacles are also known as “Subluxations” in Chiropractic circles. Put simply, the word “subluxation” means that something is just out of wack and blocking instructions from above and out to the rest of the body. Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery to correct this. In fact, most Chiropractors feel that the extent you take artificial substances or do unnatural procedures to your body, is the degree you are putting your body in an unnatural state!

At the time I graduated UCF I knew nothing about Chiropractic. It was 1971. The Vietnam War was raging and I was preparing to do my duty. I was, however, suffering with severe dizziness, weakness, sweats and headaches. An exam by my family doctor revealed blood sugar at 60 (normal is 80 to 100). I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and given a diet for diabetics and the drug Librium. It got worse! ‘Couldn’t handle the Librium. My head was spinning. I couldn’t hold a job. The Selective Service classified me 4F (physically unfit to serve). I was in real trouble. A friend suggested I see a Chiropractor. I thought she was crazy, but I was out of options. This particular Chiropractor took X-rays, did an exam, then treated me. Within two weeks I was totally asymptomatic. Total time with this Chiropractor was about 4 weeks. It changed my life forever, and saved me from what would have likely become diabetes.

The next entry will cover what pushed me into becoming a Chiropractor and what we do in this office to treat “Subluxations”. I welcome questions and comments and will publish select posts.


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