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Posted by Eric J. Cohen D.C., P.A. on June 20, 2012 at 9:35 PM

I was reading a few articles by one of my heros, Joesph Mercola, M.D. (, and came across some interesting facts:


1.The apparent definition of "health" by conventional medicine is simply the absence of symptoms of disease. Therefore, expensive and dangerous drugs are developed, used and misused to take away symptoms, get us hooked so we keep taking these substances indefiniately, thus affecting our real well being and resulting in even more treatment and, yes, more drugs. 'All this and seldom taking care of the cause!

2.The bigget cause of people succumbing to cancer is developed DESENSITIVITY to chemo being used. Resveratrol and Curcumin (from Tumeric) haven been known to stop that. 'Too bad there's so little profit in the use of these safe and lifesaving natural substances. It is unlikely most doctors know about this important fact. Who's going to tell them? Not big pharma!

3.For macular degeneration the use of Astaxanthin, a very potent antioxidant, may be more effective, much less expensive and way safer than the drugs being used today.

4.A person with osteoporosis can increase bone density up to about 23% by taking a natural calcium supplement along with higher doses of vitamin D3 and natural K2- 7.



The degree of use of artifical means to "get healthy" determines the extent that we put our bodies in an un-natural state. Think about it?!?

Look, life has been on this planet for over 4 billion years. With all those billions of years of evolution, one would think everything we need to survive and stay healthy has already been provided by this planet. Only depend on artifical means of healing when all else fails or the situation is so acute the heroic lifesaving measures need to be taken. Find a doctor who at least respects nature and practioners who use nature to get you well. Then after the emergency is over you can truly heal yourself.

Many people agree that we humans should live on average about 120 years, healthy and able bodied. there are a number of reasons this is not yet happening, much having to do with our ignorance and the greed of a few individuals in power. Learn as much as you can about natural health, live well and enjoy life.


- Doc


Eric J. Cohen, D.C.

Active Family Wellness Center

Lake Worth, Florida


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